How Building MAX Strength Can Help You Lose More Fat, Build More Muscle, and Look Better Than Ever

Upgrade Your Physical Horsepower in 12 Weeks

Let's say, hypothetically, that you came to me and said, "David, I want to get stronger and I want to look better naked, what should I do."

Well first of all you might say, "Who are you?"

I'm David Dellanave, owner of The Movement Minneapolis, strength athlete, and coach to hundreds of athletes and regular Janes and Joes. I've been teaching people how to get strong for a decade and I've got a bunch of accolades to show for it.

BUT, this isn't about me. This is about you. This is about your strength training and your program. What can I do for you?

If you want to build a strong body you have to start with the most important piece: a strength training plan.

Because strength will not only make you less likely to get injured, it also helps you lose fat faster.

Strength is the foundation for a healthy and capable body. So how do we build it? Well, we start with what we know from experience works. A specific subset of movements that is known to be the most beneficial to building a wide base of strength and muscle. Then we create a progression for where to start, and where to go next. Luckily, I've done this so many times for people just like you that I know exactly what to program.

Alexis Kantor

Alexis Has Gone From Size 16 to an 8

"I was already feeling stronger and more confident since I began training with Jen, but I was really surprised by how quickly I was able to see additional results when I started the Get Stronger Faster program. I could see a change in the amount of weight I could lift and the number of reps I could do from one week to the next.

I was completely shocked when things started to feel easy, or as easy as a Turkish sit-up get, anyway! In one week, what had been incredibly difficult with a 16kg kettlebell turned into something that felt so different that it grew my confidence exponentially. Replace Turkish sit-up with front squat or skater squat or pull-up and the results have been the same.

I am officially a badass or at least getting super strong, and this program has been a constant affirmation of all the incredible growth I've experienced, both physically and mentally! Sometimes the battle is not just with your body but with your head, and this program builds strength and confidence in both!

Alexis K., 41 - Minneapolis

Whether your goal is purely to look better naked or to destroy the competition in your favorite sport, an intelligent strength-training program is critical to develop your work capacity and build your foundation of strength.

You're going to...

  • Develop the kind of strength that makes people refer to you as “the strong one”.
  • Build muscle in all the right places, especially in the glutes, back, and delts.
  • • Have a seemingly endless fountain of energy to charge through Lift Weights Faster workouts using more weight (and thus burning more calores).
  • Rack up personal records so quickly that it’s not even a big deal when you break another one.
  • Burn more fat in everything you do - and because muscle is metabolically active: including when you're doing nothing at all!

And I’m here to tell you that it’s not only possible…

…it’s guaranteed.

I'm so confident this is going to be the best strength program you've ever done, I'll give you your money back if it's not.

Get Stronger Faster Manual

Get Stronger Faster Manual $99 Value

The backbone of the Get Stronger Faster program that explains the biofeedback testing procedure and how to implement it into your training. This manual includes both the philosophy behind the training principles you’ll be implementing, as well as how to apply them to turbocharge your progress.

Get Stronger Faster Exercise Glossary

Get Stronger Faster Exercise Glossary $99 Value

Detailed descriptions and photos of how to perform every single exercise in the entire program. You won’t be wondering if you’re doing something right, because these tested and tuned explanations will ensure that you’re doing the right thing and getting the intended effect.

Get Stronger Faster Training Plans

Get Stronger Faster Training Plan $99 Value

A detailed and comprehensive 12-week plan designed to get your whole body stronger than ever. Plus, two additional plans for minimal equipment and if your goal is to maximize muscle growth.

Get Stronger Faster OG Training Plan

Get Stronger Faster OG Training Plan $49 Value

As a bonus, I'm going to give you the original gangster Get Stronger Faster plan so you have an additional 12 week strenth plan. Combined this gives you a half a year of programmed strength training.

Total Value: Over $200

Special Offer Only During This Short Sale: $49

But there's something more than good programming I want to tell you about. It's the breakthrough that changed everything, first for myself and then for my clients.

For you to understand how important this is I need to tell you a quick little story. When I first started seriously training I was getting strong, but I was paying a price for it. My shoulders especially hurt incessantly. But, I wore this with a badge of honor because I thought painful joints were just part and parcel of getting strong.

It wasn't until the biofeedback breakthrough that I realized not only did pain not have to be part of the equation, but the training itself could be even easier and more productive.

Without getting too deep into the science, biofeedback is a process of using your body's own feedback to inform your training.

Think of it kind of like Choose Your Own Adventure for your training program.

The best part is the frustration of stagnant progress or doing things that just aren't working for you will be a thing of the past.

For me this meant being able to train more often and actually, counter-intuitively, train harder. For my clients it meant that they actually started to look forward to their workouts, knowing they'd leave feeling better than when they came every time.

Meghan T

"I'm hooked on getting stronger!"

“Following the Get Stronger Faster program has been an amazing experience for me. Prior to starting this program, my workout consisted of running. I had never even thought about lifting weights. Due to joint issues, — specifically, knee pain — I was not able to run anymore, and even walking had become painful.

I was going to the chiropractor at least twice a week to get adjusted specifically for my knees, and it was not helping. Following Day 1 of this program, however, I immediately felt relief. They no longer hurt. I was amazed!

That was the point I realized why getting stronger is so important for my body, and I have been hooked since. It is really fun and encouraging to see the progress I have made in such a short time. I did not realize how weak I was prior to beginning this program, and am so amazed at the amount of weight I could lift after just a few sessions. I love getting stronger!

The results from the Get Stronger Faster program has been quite impressive, to say the least. Each session has been both physically challenging and mentally rewarding. My experience with my joint pain being relieved is proof to me why being strong is so important for my body now and in the future. I highly recommend this program for everyone, but especially for those of you with chronic joint pain.”

Meghan T., 31 - Minneapolis

Cam H

Cam Has Put on 10 Pounds of Muscle

Upon moving to Minneapolis this past June I knew that I wanted to make a change towards a more healthy lifestyle. Four years of working full time while completing my undergrad had unfortunately made exercise and healthy living an afterthought. Though I was never overweight, I could not (until recently) remember the last time I felt truly comfortable in my own skin. On a recent trip to Florida, however, I found myself totally comfortable swimming and enjoying the hot tub with friends.

Cam H., 26 - Minneapolis

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is Get Stronger Faster and why does it work so well?

    A: On the surface, Get Stronger Faster is an intelligently designed strength training program based on the latest evidence in strength training and hundreds of client experiences, plus of course a whole lot of instruction on the crucial exercises. Sure, you could just follow along and you’d get great results from it because it follows all of the core principles of sound training practice. It’s when you take the next step to question a little deeper that you see what makes Get Stronger Faster different. This program is about leading yourself, not just following instructions. And that’s where everything starts to change. That’s when you start training with intuition - like an elite athlete who knows exactly how their body operates best.

  • Q: Is this program REALLY different from other strength programs?

    A: Without question. There is no comparing this to anything else because there is nothing else like it to compare to. Talking about the difference between Get Stronger Faster and other strength programs is like talking about an expensive, yet off-the-rack suit, and a completely bespoke suit. It’s not even a question of price. One of those suits is going to fit you perfectly only if you are extremely lucky, and will otherwise require minor to major alterations. The bespoke suit is going to fit you perfectly immediately like it was made for you – because it was. Of course it also has what you’d expect a good training program to have – a complete training manual, detailed descriptions of every exercise in the program. .

  • Q: Is Get Stronger Faster just for men?

    A: Absolutely not. Strength doesn’t discriminate. While there can be differences, one of the neat things about biofeedback is that it handles a lot of that individualization for us. Women often move differently than men, but it’s more to do with them as individuals than it is because they’re women. Both women and men have seen incredible results with the Get Stronger Faster program as you can see from their glowing testimonials. What a man might call getting “ripped” a woman might call getting “toned” but we’re talking about the same thing: adding muscle in all the right places, and shedding fat where it doesn’t belong. .

  • Q: Can I do the workouts at home or, do I need a gym membership?

    A: Since attempts to be all things to everyone usually end up being the wrong thing to everyone, no effort was made to make it possible to do the program with minimal equipment. There’s an expectation that you’re going to have access to a reasonable gym. Having done so would have required trade-offs that I wasn’t willing to make. This is a strength program that is going to have you taming the iron. I couldn’t do that if I had to accommodate doing the whole program with two 10lb dumbbells. You can get amazing results with Lift Weights Faster with minimal equipment – but rounding out your strength requires bars, plates, and a rack. That being said ingenuity and motivation goes a long way, so if you’re inclined to push forward without access to a full gym I tip my hat to you - and I’ll give you some suggestions if you just shoot me an email.

  • Q: Done, deal, I’m in! How will Get Stronger Faster be shipped to me??

    A: Shipping is so 1999. Get Stronger Faster is a completely digital, downloadable series PDFs that you get instant access to as soon as you purchase. What’s more, you can download and access the entire system on any device that can read a PDF – which these days is nearly anything. You can read it on your computer, your tablet, or your phone, provided it doesn’t take up the entire passenger seat of your car. You can even print it out.