Banish workout overwhelm for good with super-short workouts that you can do ANYWHERE!

I’ve been there: not feeling whole and active in my body and definitely not making time for workouts. Even when I did get to the gym, I couldn't seem to get motivated to get after it.

Then I discovered metabolic resistance-training (MRT) and—for the first time ever—I fell in love with fitness (which, for a former athlete on the U.S. national rugby team with 20+ years of training under my belt, was quite a breakthrough).

MRT workouts are quick (sometimes under 10 minutes!), but they were proving to be far more effective than longer, stand-alone cardio or lifting sessions.

In just a few, short months, I got stronger and faster than I’d ever been in my life. Even spending less time training, I found it was possible to:

  • Burn more fat
  • Build muscle
  • Supercharge your metabolism
  • And develop an impressive amount of endurance

I was shocked that getting into the best shape of my life could be so… efficient.

And that’s how Lift Weights Faster was born.

I’m Jen Sinkler. In addition to my two full decades training as an athlete, I’ve spent 15-plus years as a fitness editor, writer and personal trainer. I’ve learned hands-on about what works and what doesn’t—not to mention what's an absolute blast to do.

I created Lift Weights Faster because you don’t have to do exercise that you hate to get the physique you want. Not only does this method of training work, it has since become my most popular workout program ever, having sold tens of thousands of copies to people all over the world—and now it’s even better

Meet the excuse-proof workout that you’ll actually do.

So how do you improve on a total-body program that you can do anywhere, that lets you choose a workout that’s 30-, 20- or 10- minutes (or less)? By removing the ever-pervasive workout-overwhelm! With Lift Weights Faster Daily:

There’s no need to plan your workouts: Lift Weights Faster Daily programming works all of your major and minor muscle groups. You’ll get a new workout three days a week by 5 a.m. your time. Simply open it, and get to work!

Get started quickly, with confidence: Each Lift Weights Faster Daily email contains descriptions and photos (and oftentimes video, too!) for every exercise so that you don’t have to waste time searching for how-to videos online.

Customize the program for your needs: You’ll get workouts that are suitable for your skill-level, time-constraints and available equipment (whether you have access to a full gym or require body-weight-only programming).

Get it all for a buck: To perform Lift Weights Faster Daily workouts, you don’t need a trainer—you don’t even need a gym membership! You’ll get three workouts per week (an ideal frequency for awesome results) for just $12/month.

Just open your email, and do the workout –– EASY!

Yep, for $12 per month, you’ll get everything you need to burn fat, build muscle and build the kind of cardio capacity that you never imagined possible without traditional “cardio”.

… yet, in each email, you’ll only get exactly what you need for the day’s workout. That means no decisions to make, no overwhelm, no instructions to look up ... no excuses.

If you’re ready for results, it’s that simple.

You don't have to take my word for it though, just look at what Lift Weights Faster Daily subscribers saying:

Lift Weights Faster Daily is just $12/month. Sign up and if you don’t feel like a stronger, faster, more radass version of yourself, then cancel. There’s no obligation to continue.

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